Free Church Website for 45 Days


In the wake of COVID-19, churches are scrambling to enhance their online presence and provide tools and resources that can keep their people connected, encouraged, and engaged in their faith and church family over the coming weeks. Digital Church is extending our free trial to 45 days. Anyone who signs up on or after March 20, 2020 should automatically receive this update. Anyone who has signed up in the last six weeks is also eligible. Just reach out to us via chat and we’ll get your trial extended.

If you are a small church and can’t afford to make those monthly payments after the 45 day trial has ended, please reach out to us. We want to help as many churches as possible, so let us know and we can work out a special discount for you. We’re here to serve the church!

If you haven’t tried out Digital Church yet, feel free to check us out by signing up for a free trial. Our mission is to give the church tools to thrive in the current digital world we live in.

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