Digital Strategies for Easter

Gallup studies have revealed that over half of the people in the United States will plan to attend church on Easter Sunday. If you haven’t already started to build a digital strategy for Easter Sunday, you should start now. Here’s our list of suggestions to get you started on an Easter strategy to bring more people into your church this year.

Start with the End in Mind

Let’s make sure we have a clearly defined goal. For most of us, it will be something like this:

We want to bring more visitors to our church on Easter Sunday.

So the question is, how are we going to do that? There are a few different ways to drive more traffic into your building. Word of mouth is probably the most important strategy you can use to get people into your church. Start building a culture of invitation among your people, and use everything else as a tool for them to use as they invest time in personal invitations.

Use the Best Tools

All of the tools and tactics we use have to be able to work together. When you use multiple strategies, they leverage one another in some incredible ways. Suddenly, members of your target audience are hearing about your church from their friends, on social media, around town, and in some ways you never would have expected. The more independent sources they encounter your church from, the more likely they will be to visit. Be sure to build your strategy with as many of the following pieces as you can:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Website Landing Page
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • General Brand Exposure

Build a Landing Page

Your website should serve as your home base for all your communications. Everything you do should lead people to your website. When people are inviting people to the church, they can mention your website. When you run an ad on Facebook or anywhere online, you should link to your landing page. When you print invite cards or purchase billboards, be sure to include your website address. You can develop your own page on your website, or you can build a specific landing page for Easter with its own URL. Either way, make every effort to think through every aspect of that page. You should definitely include the following content:

  • Service Times
  • Locations
  • Common Questions
  • Plan A Visit Form

Digital Church Landing Pages

We have some good news for you: We’ve put together a set of tools for you to use to build your church website, and we’ve just released a new Easter landing page design. We’d be thrilled if you’d check it out here:

Every subscription plan we have available comes with a simple front-end live editor as well as an advanced page builder that you can use to do just about anything you might imagine on a website. It’s so powerful that our website design team at Digital Church Agency uses it to build all our custom built client sites. Yet it’s simple enough for anyone to edit.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us via the chat widget. We’re looking forward to helping your church grow this spring!

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