Digital Church Marketing 2.0

September 2016 seems like a lifetime ago now. I feel like I’ve already said it a thousand times.

“Back in September, I quit my job in full-time ministry.”

“We helped start a new church back in September.”

“Back in September, we started this new business…”

“I had to finally take a step of faith, back in September…”

You see, I was tired of waiting. Tired of wanting and dreaming. It was time to stop pretending that I was an entrepreneur and time to show the world (and myself) that I could do it. Even more important, it was time to answer the call. I had thought for years that God created me to be a worship leader. True, He did call me to it, and it was a great way to serve a local church, use my unique skills and gifting, and point the world to Christ. But it wasn’t the end. For me, it was the means.

You see, God created me to help more than one local church. He created me to understand how the Church relates to the world around her–how She offends, how She attracts, how She brings light and truth to a world of darkness and deceit. He created me for today.

Back in September, we launched Digital Church Marketing. I didn’t know what I was doing yet, but I knew the direction I was heading. I knew then (as I do now), that there are two main ways to get people in the doors of the church.

  1. Organic Buzz.
  2. Marketing.

I can’t create an organic buzz around your church, but if the experiences your people have are incredible, that buzz will grow on its own. What I can do is help you take down the barriers that prohibit that buzz from being effective.

So since September, I’ve been working hard. Your website is the front door to your church. We’re building a system for incredible church websites so that you can have the best front door to your church possible. We can’t wait to show you more.

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