Introducing the Digital Church Blog


Years ago, I was working as a worship pastor in a church in Ohio when I came across Michael Hyatt’s blog and podcast. Around that time, he released a book called Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. In his book, he talked about why it’s so important to Start with Wow.

The basic concept was simple: Make sure you can make a great first impression. Start your relationships with a sense of awe. Give people a reason to want to continue to learn more about who you are and what you have to offer.

Around the same time, I began struggling with my calling as a worship leader. I knew that I wanted to serve the Church, to build the Kingdom of God, and to help people start and grow in their relationship with Jesus. But I was beginning to feel like God was calling me to something different. I became intrigued with the idea of starting my own business, and I began to wonder if the seed of entrepreneurship could grow into something that could bring immense value to the world around me, while equipping churches to be more effective at living out their mission.

How could I build something that could wow the people I’m trying to help?

That struggle grew into a desire that led me out of professional ministry and into building a business for the Church. I started Digital Church from my home, and as I explored what it could become, I found that my vision for it was something that would take years to build. So I spent the last five years building Digital Church Platform and also learning how to operate a creative agency that could work to build websites and applications that could put intentional strategy to work for the Church.

What started out as a website design platform has so much potential that I can’t even begin to explain in this article. Digital Church Blog is a simple, yet important, next step in that vision. We will be working to make this a place where pastors and church leaders can find resources to help their churches reach farther, faster, and better into the world.

I see a future where churches will operate both in-person and online. In 2020, we saw a glimpse of that reality, but as our culture shifts and adapts, I believe we will continue to need both physical and digital contexts working together to bring the Good News of Jesus to the world around us.

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you’ve begun to expand your church into digital contexts.

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